Art Panels

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Art Panels any size:

  • Choice of cradled birch panel (shown above) or flat birch panel
  • Canvas wrapped panels available either cradled or flat
  • Panels fabricated in my shop using Baltic Birch faces and clear maple sides.
  • Choice of 12mm (½”) or 6mm (¼”) thick faces
  • Corners reinforced with dowels
  • Panels 30” and larger are braced in that direction
  • Additional bracing added in every increment of 30”
  • Panels sanded to 180 grit.
  • Staining, veneering and finishing services available.
  • Choice of d-rings or French cleats available.

Sample Prices:

  • 24” x 24”: $65.00
  • 30” x 30”: $75.00
  • 36” x 36”: $80.00
  • 48” x 48”: $95.00
  • Cradled panel, 2-1/4" depth. Raw wood, no stain or clear finish, 6mm (¼”) thick face

Pricing Policies:

  • Purchases of 1-3 panels will be full price.
  • Purchase of four or more panels of a similar depth receive a 10% discount.
  • Width and height may be varied and still receive discount.

Special information:

  • Baltic Birch faces may have elliptical patches on face.
  • Perfectly clear face available on request.
  • Any small nail holes on face and at corners will be filled to match and sanded.